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Jindy Mann

My name is Jindy Mann and I coach leaders.

Having spent a career solving complex problems in businesses, I realised there’s no subject more intricate or fascinating to me than human beings. This is where my focus now lies. I help leaders better incorporate self-inquiry, intuition and emotional intelligence into everything they do, enabling them to lead from a place grounded in their true values. I know the reality of ambitious, high pressure environments. For more than eighteen years, I worked in growth and change leadership roles in a range of sectors and across startups, corporates and public sector, for organisations such as Deloitte, HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds Bank, PA Consulting Group, NHS, Met Police, Welsh Assembly Government and ExxonMobil.

When they come to work, many people leave their true selves, their humanity, at the door. It doesn’t feel safe to share emotions, relationship stress, mental or physical health problems, leaving colleagues unaware of the challenges those around them are facing. Meanwhile, some of the most important skills we possess are left undervalued and underused. This nagged away at me for years, the idea that a significant part of who you are as a person has to be suppressed in the working environment. It seemed absurd. So I made the decision to choose a more fulfilling path.

Now, through coaching that focuses on the whole person, I provoke action – to identify personal values, address blocks and obstacles, develop a centred understanding of self, and establish a powerful sense of purpose, with aligned goals.

I believe our first job is to understand who we are and what we can bring to the world. Deeper self-awareness leads to better decisions, leadership aligned to your values, and a more authentic way of living. The dots are connected, enabling you to enjoy a more fulfilled, purposeful life.

I love learning, discovering and sharing knowledge. My favourite things? Books, writing, football, bikes and adventure. And coffee.

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