About us

The Change Chair is a community of Change Management professionals and fanatics centered around our Podcast, where we invite an inspiring Change practitioner every two weeks to share their most valuable expertise during concise 25-minute (give or take!) conversational episodes.

The Change Chair was started by two pals, Ket Patel and Joe Brown who met through a professional network and a mutual passion for all things Change. Our vision is to bring unique and experience-driven insights to the ever-changing and highly-ambiguous discipline of Change Management. 

We also want to champion the mindset that Change Management is not just a profession, or a function of a business, but actually it's a fundamental life skill useful in both your professional and your personal life. 

Perspective is key in Change Management and every individual has a unique one, which is why we don't have a set demographic that our guest speakers all fit in to. We want to hear from people who have been through inspiring stories of Change in whatever capacity. We look forward to bringing you wisdom and knowledge that you will not be able to find anywhere else!

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Meet The Hosts!


Joe Brown

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I am a talent & search specialist currently working with Executive Network Group, partnering with organisations on senior, critical hires.


My passion is building teams to deliver Change Management and Transformation for organisations – I enjoy understanding the unique challenges of businesses and have often relied on my network to gather insights and ask questions.

When I’m not recruiting or podcasting you can find me in the kitchen cooking up a storm, or in the octagon MMA fighting. I was a chef before I started working in Recruitment and still enjoy creating amazing meals, hosting friends and family and exploring new cultures around food.

Random fact: When I worked as a Chef, I once cooked for and met one of the ladies responsible for cracking the Enigma Code in WWII – her code name was hilarious, but unfortunately I can’t tell you!

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Ket Patel

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I am a business change and transformation consultant working on a freelance basis, advising on change strategy and execution as well as building professional capability. I focus my time predominantly on technology implementation projects but have a keen interest in team culture and ways of working to drive improved outcomes in projects.


I am literally obsessed by all things change and look for any inspiration to help me rethink ways to approach change better. Such influences include my love of music (I'm a massive metal fan), mathematics / science and of course life experiences that shine a light on how we deal with change on a personal level. Yes I'm absolutely one to have at the party 😂


Random fact: I am a Blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do which strangely came about from a friends curiosity of martial arts. Curiosity plays a big part of making learning fun and once I am hooked I am all in.