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Lucy Trueman

Lucy specialises in strategic change and transformation, helping you to think through what change is needed, and establishing initial strategies, plans and programme structures, tailor made for your organisation.

With a strong background in Programme Management, she is passionate about simplifying change and programme management processes for customers, to make sure the focus in on delivering the programme, not administering it. Lucy has worked in Local Government, Police, Private Sector and a public/private partnership, as well as some work with the voluntary sector.

She has experience of change and transformation at an organisation wide level, as well as specific programmes around Adult Social Care, Regional Adoption Agencies, Workforce Plans, business support and customer channel shift programmes.

In addition Lucy has commercial experience around public/private contractual relationships, and traded services in the public sector, and is experienced working with staff at all levels in the organisation, as well as political members.

Lucy is a member of Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (SOLACE), the Change Management Institute and a Board Member at People’s Powerhouse. She is currently authoring a book on how organisations managed change during the COVID-19 pandemic

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